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UC Davis

$13,000 - $18000

Private l 4 year l Small campus

San Francisco State

$18,000 - $22000

Public l 4 year l Small campus

Fresno State

$12,000 - $14000

Public l 4 year l Small campus

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Frequently Asked Questions?

You can see all of the trips that you’ve taken threw the student or parent portal!

Yes you’ll be able to cancel any trip that is currently coming up 24 hours before the trip date. If you’d like to cancel it when you revisit the itinerary there should be a bottom giving you the option to. 

You won’t be able to change the time of a specific aspect of the itinerary. 

We apologize but there will be no way for you to change one specific aspect of the itinerary without re-doing it. If you want to change something you’ll have to cancel the itinerary and re-do.

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